Julie's Swim School

Swimming lessons offered in Hudsonville, Zeeland, Allendale and Caledonia Michigan.



Jump Start Program 

This program is ideal for families who want to accelerate their child's learning in a short period of time or have out of town travel plans!  This is a 3 day Program Monday-Wednesday.  It is recommended to attend 2 back to back sessions for all children who have never had lessons prior or are scared and/or timid. This is for all level swimmers!

  • All Summer sessions are Jump Start Lessons!
  • Cost: 

                 Sunfish 1 and Sunfish 2  (non swimmer) class: $120.00 total including registration fee. 

                 4 kids max with 2 instructors

                 Sunfish 2+, Turtle 1, Turtle 2, Stroke and Water Safety class: $100.00 total including registration fee.

                 9 kids max with 3 instructors

  • $20 Non refundable registration fee per child per session

​            is due once your child has been scheduled in a class. Remaining 

            balance is due on the 1st day of lessons for the 3 day program.

            Sunfish 1 and 2 balance is $100.00 all other levels balance is $80.00 

  • Classes offered in May, June, July and August.

Monthly Maintenance Program 

This program helps our children retain the knowledge, gain confidence and to advance their swimming technique. An initial 2 month commitment is required and must be paid in full at time of sign-up. After the 2nd month, tuition will be due the 1st of every month. Continuous monthly lessons will be offered once a week on a month-to-month basis.

Because six months is a large portion of a child's life, it is very important that children take maintenance classes during the winter months in order to maintain safety and advance their swimming technique.
This class if for children who have had prior lessons or can swim independently 5-6 feet. If not they must attend a Jump Start class prior to starting this class.

  • Cost: $120.00 per month/$30.00 per week.  Payment due the 1st of the month and is pro-rated according to the start date.
  • Classes are offered September-November and January-April.​​​
  •  ​Fall 2024 classes TBD​