Julie's Swim School

Swimming lessons offered in Hudsonville, Zeeland, Allendale and Comstock Park Michigan.


  • Join your child in the water for a wonderful positive aquatic experience.
  • We introduce your young ones to the wonder of water through songs, games, and basic skill building play.
  • Swim diapers required if not completely potty trained. 
  • Ages 6 months – 3 years

Sunfish 1  

  • This class helps students feel comfortable and safe in water. Skills taught include breath holding, blowing bubbles, supported front and back float, flutter kick, entering and exiting the pool with assistance. Students with water experience may move through this level very quickly. Children who are scared and timid that have had very little water exposure prior should start here.
  • Ages 2 - 4 years

Sunfish 2   

  • This class is for children who can NOT swim unassisted in the water. They are taught to flutter kick, float and front crawl coordination with breathing, unassisted back float, beginning back stroke flutter kicks, water safety, and orientation to deep water. The goal of this level is for students to swim across the pool without assistance.
  • Ages 3 - 6 years (I do offer this level for older kids as well)

Sunfish 2+

  • This class is for children who are more comfortable in the water, who can swim unassisted 5-6 feet with little or no tears. They are taught to roll from front to back and back to front. Independently jumping in and swimming back to the wall is also learned. They will become stronger and more coordinated. The goal for this level is for students to swim across the  width of the pool with very little assistance.

Advanced Sunfish

  • This class is for children who can swim unassisted but do not know how to take breaths or are not very confident with their breaths.  They are very comfortable in the water. Skills taught include front glides, front crawl with breaths, back float, and water safety. The goals for this class is to be able to swim across the width of the pool learning to take breaths without assistance and back float without assistance. This is a group taught class with some individual attention as well.

Turtle 1

  • This class builds from previous Advanced Sunfish level. Skills taught include coordination front crawl and back crawl, front crawl with breaths, front and back glide, back float, retrieving objects and water safety. This class will build on endurance. The goal of this level is for children to swim across the length of the pool taking proper breaths.

Turtle 2 

  • This class is for the advanced preschool swimmer. Children develop confidence and endurance in the front crawl with proper side breaths, and back crawl, elementary back stroke, front and back glides, floating skills and water safety. They will learn to retrieve objects from deep water as well as treading water. The goal of this level is for children to swim across the length of the pool and back again taking proper side breaths.


  • Students review and refine the key strokes so students may swim at ease, efficiency, and endurance. Skills taught include coordinating strokes, surface dives, deep water treading and water safety. Children will be swimming laps.

Water Safety  

  • ​This class is to teach water safety and survival skills. Your child will learn assists, escapes, neck and diving injury, boating safety, clothes floatation, treading water. This class includes lectures, skits and performing each skill taught in and out of water. 
  • Children must be able to swim one to two length's of the pool unassisted.